BASS Professional Training

… so much more than just trying to get you to pass your exams.

At BASS we believe in developing students passion for skiing into professionalism. After all, that is what all our team have done and are continuing to do.

Although we can boast of being a team of exceptional, specialised experts, the thing that we are most proud of is our passion for continual learning and personal development.

It is our love of learning and becoming ‘better’ professionals that makes us a unique coaching school for snowsports instructors.

We have a holistic programme that uses our cross-section of expertise to create a learning space that is fun, fulfilling and a never-to-forget experience.

Our team includes BASI trainers who specialise in teaching and learning, who assess all levels of BASI courses, race-coaches who can coach for Eurotest and ISIA Speed test, mountain experts who can prepare you for mountain safety modules, fluent french speakers who can help with language skills… we could go on. However all of our expertise means nothing if it is not based on a common value, that we really care about professional snowsport instruction and we care about the people who commit to becoming professional instructors.

We want to help turn passion into professionalism and we care deeply about doing that in a way that puts you, the person, at the centre of the experience. If this sounds like something you are interested in, we would love to hear from you..