BASS Pro 4

The  BASS Pro 4 Program will consist of 4 training modules with the BASS coaching team.

The modules are designed to help you explore both technical and teaching philosophies to become independent in your learning and really make the most of your training and teaching opportunities outside of the program.

We have a proven track record of success at Level 4 with BASS coaches who regularly deliver both BASI technical and teaching courses.

BASI has scheduled a Level 4 Technical course for the 4th March 2019, bookable direct with BASI.

Date Event Details
 16th & 17th Dec – 2020 Teaching Training Module 2 x 4 hrs
9th & 10th Jan – 2020 Teaching Training Module 2 x 4 hrs
23rd – 27th Jan 2020  Technical Training Module 5 x 4 hrs
3rd – 7th Feb 2020  Technical Training Module 5 x 4 hrs
24th – 28th Feb 2020  Technical Training Module 5 x 4 hrs

What’s Included?

BASS Pro 4 Program
76 Hours training with your BASS coaching team
Structured practice sessions
Video review and feedback
Support to create your personal action/development plan
Teaching opportunities in Switzerland (commute by skis)
Resort logistics support

A few optional extras to add more highlights to your season…
These are not compulsory and can be added any time.

Optional Extras
Off-piste adventure with helicopter pick up
Pro deal discount on Volkl, Marker, Dalbello
EMS Training by EMS qualified Instructors

The Pro 4 Technical modules are limited to 8 places only.

The Pro 4 Teaching modules are limited to 6 places only.

Program Cost: £1,090       Deposit Required: £250.00

Email to book or chat with us about how BASS Pro can support you.

Not able to commit to a full season in the Alps?

No problem, we have a solution for you with Flexi Pro & Target Camps.


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