BASS Pro 3

BASS Pro 3 consists of 7 training modules, structured to provide development & consolidation time between coaching weeks as well as giving you the freedom to work during peak weeks.

The programme is led by a coaching team with considerable current experience of delivering BASI Level 3 courses.

BASS will be running a BASI Level 3 Technical course starting 21th March and a Teaching a course starting 29th March.

Date Event Details
13 – 17 Dec 2021 Technical Training Module 5 x 5 hrs
10 – 14 Jan 2022 Technical Training Module 5 x 4 hrs
17 – 21 Jan  2022 Technical Knowledge & Teaching  Module 5 x 4 hrs
21 – 25 Feb 2022 Technical Training Module 5 x 4 hrs
28 Feb – 4 Mar 2022 Technical Training Module 5 x 4 hrs
7 – 18 Mar 2022 Technical Training Module 5 x 4 hrs

14 – 18 Mar 2022        Technical Training Module                          5 x 4 hrs

What’s Included?

Included in Pro 3 Programme
145 Hours training with your BASS coaching team
Structured practice sessions
Video review and feedback
Support to create your personal action/development plan
Support for work applications

A few optional extras to add more highlights to your season…
These are not compulsory and can be added any time.

Optional Extras
Off-piste adventure with helicopter pick up
Second Discipline Training
Mountain Safety Training
Pro deal discount on Volkl, Marker, Dalbello
Second Language Training

The technical knowledge and teaching week will be a standard training module with a strong slant towards building technical understanding, performance analysis and the content of the BASI L3 teaching course.

Pro 3 modules are limited to 8 places only.

Program Cost: £2,250         Deposit Required: £500.00

Email to book or chat with us about how BASS Pro can support you.

Not able to commit to a full season in the Alps?

No problem, we have a solution for you with Flexi Pro


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