LEAD Conference

December 2016 saw the first ever ‘LEAD‘ conference designed and delivered by BASS Pro.

Here’s what our attendee’s said:

“I found all the talks very interesting and particularly likes the different angles you all approached the subjects from.”

“The presenters were all pretty inspirational and it was great to listen to people with such great experience in the industry.”

“It was good to see a few familiar places and meet some new people.”

“The knowledge that came from all of you and all the different ideas in ways of approaching a lesson really made me want to explore as many different ways of taking a lesson as possible… with the learner in mind.”

What did you enjoy about the day?      “The course content and the social get together”      “Lunch!! and meeting other pros”

“I thought the conference was delivered well and very interesting. The 2 sessions that had the biggest impression for me were the Central Theme and Mindfulness.”

“A fantastic day, thank you”.

“Excellent, well done.”

“Thanks for the excellent conference.  I certainly would like to attend another similar event in the future.”








The speakers at the inaugural LEAD Conference are:

Henry Schniewind from Henrys Avalanche Talks

Henry will be presenting “A practical model for ski professionals to maximise fun and minimise risk off-piste”
Screen Shot 2016-11-07 at 11.07.11

Henry is an internationally renowned snow and avalanche expert who studied avalanche forecasting as part of a Geology degree in the United States and then moved to the French Alps where he works as an off-piste ski guide and director of  Henry’s Avalanche Talk. He has given over 750 talks and courses in the last 20 years including presenting at international snow science conferences. He has published many papers and articles, often in the British press. Henry created Henry’s Avalanche Talk (HAT) in response to the fact that 9 out of 10 victims of avalanches trigger the avalanche themselves and many of these could have been avoided.


Jaz Lamb, Director of BASS Morzine & Les Gets and senior BASI Trainer

Jaz will be presenting two talks:

  • Challenging your understanding of BASI’s technical philosophies
  • Interski – the significance of the Interski Congress for BASI, past, present & future

Jaz Lamb

Jaz has been a BASI Trainer for 20 years and been teaching as a career for considerably longer. He was selected into the BASI Training body at the time of major upheaval caused by the change from the old into the current philosophies and thinking. His insight into this history and understanding of the thinking and reasoning that brought about the change makes him one of the most informed people to discuss BASI’s Technical Philosophies.

This talk will broaden your understanding and appreciation of the core concepts that run through BASI’s DNA.

Jaz is often involved in the further education of the BASI Training body and the induction of new Trainers.

Jaz was on the BASI Interski Team 2011 & 2015 and is now the Team Coach for 2019. He has a deep understanding of how BASI’s involvement at Interski Congresses has helped take BASI from being the insignificant ‘lowland’ nation trying to shout from the back rows to the respected nation we now are sitting alongside the Alpine nations with our voice heard at the top table.


John Arnold, from Mindful Mountains & BASS Morzine

John will be presenting on Mindfulness in Skiing

John Arnold

John has been involved in skiing and coaching for over 30 years. As well as being a former Scottish National Squad Alpine Coach he has led the development of Coach Education programmes in Sports and Life Coaching.

He has studied Cognitive Behavioural Therapy; Neuro-Linquistic Programming; Experiential Learning; Positive Psychology, Accelerated Learning Methods; Sports Performance Psychology, and Eastern approaches to well-being. His studies on Mindfulness led to him lecturing the Theory and Practice of Mindfulness at the University of Aberdeen.

His passion for skiing has never dimmed and now he delivers programmes based on mindfulness, mind control, emotional intelligence, stress management and relationship building.

His presentation shows how understanding mindfulness principles helps both the learner and coach in the learning process.


Becci Malthouse, Director of BASS Morzine & Les Gets and senior BASI Trainer

Becci is presenting on Teaching and Learning

Screen Shot 2016-12-12 at 13.43.14

Becci is a longstanding BASI Trainer and one of the few Trainers who delivers the top, Level 4 Teaching Modules. Her understanding of the BASI Teaching Tools & Techniques is second to none and she is not only able to make the connections between the different models and concepts but relate it so people can go away with a greater understanding of how to use the models in their own teaching of clients and also apply them to themselves and their own personal development.

Becci has represented BASI as part of the Interski Team as a Snowboarder and more recently as a skier in the BASI Interski Demo Team in 2015 in Ushuaia.

Becci is often part of the delivery team at the annual BASI Trainers conference assisting in the continual development of the Training Body.