Skis are probably the biggest equipment investment you will make and it is important to have a ski that will give you the most help during your training. As a ski instructor you will need something that can be used for as wide a range of activities as possible. One day you may be snowploughing on the nursery slope with beginners in the morning and thrashing through the bumps in the afternoon. As you progress through the BASI Instructor system you will be open to deals on equipment and we can also recommend guidance from local trusted ski shops.

We recommend that piste skis (not necessarily race skis) are the most appropriate ski for ski teachers. The Volkl Deacon remains the top pick for teachers in 2023.

Volkl Deacon 72

Boots have to be on your feet all day, every day so comfort is the first priority. Secondly, again you need to make sure you have a boot that will work for you whatever you are aiming to do. Choose a boot that is soft enough to allow you to flex at the ankle, especially for skiing at slow speeds with beginners. Heavier skiers or those with very long levers (legs) may want to go up in flex index to 130. Each boot has a flex rating so look out for something between 90 and 130 max.

Helmets are not compulsory by law for recreational skiing or ski teaching but are strongly recommended by BASS as there will be times during your training when you are skiing fast, close to your technical limits. Helmets are compulsory for all snow park activities. If you are buying a helmet for the first time focus on comfort and fit, making sure you are comfortable and have the best possible protection.

Clothing Is your clothing up to what you need it to do? Ski teachers have to spend all day, every day on the hill and unlike Wimbledon, rain does not stop play. Make sure you have something waterproof such as a shell that will allow you to fit layers underneath for the cold days. Spare hats, gloves and goggles are a great bonus on wet days.

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