BASS Morzine Shadowing Protocol

Shadowing Protocol 2023

BASI members are welcome to shadow BASS lessons under the conditions in the protocol.

The protocol rules ensure that the ski school’s legal and operational requirements are met and that the process has real value for the BASI member.

As a shadower you are a representative of BASS and as such you must adhere to the protocol. By attending shadowing sessions, you agree to the following conditions:

  • Adhere to the current Covid regulations.
  • Be punctual, 5 minutes before the lesson start time.
  • Wear clean, appropriate mountain clothing and equipment.
  • Refer clients to the instructor if asked for feedback or input.
  • Ski at the performance level of the group.
  • Do not smoke or be under the influence of alcohol during sessions.
  • Follow the guidance of your BASS instructor.
  • Let us know if you are running late. If possible, we will let you know how to join the group.
  • Remember, the BASS team are here to help you, but our first priority will be the lesson participants.
  • Teaching is strictly regulated and is illegal unless you hold a French carte Pro. Teaching without a carte pro could result in arrest and €15,000 fines. While shadowing you are considered a client, not a teacher. The BASS teacher is fully responsible for the group.
  • If you are asked to give feedback by a client, please refer them to the Instructor
  • Use this link to reflect on your session and to give us a means of recording the number of hours you shadow

Please note that you are a representative of BASS at all times, and, as such you must conduct yourself in a professional manner.  Any references to be supplied to future employers will contain accurate representationsl of your appearance, commitment and behaviour.

We look forward to welcoming you to the team.