BASS Pro 2

Our successful Pro 2 Program has been created as the ideal introduction to the BASI alpine qualification pathway.

The Pro 2 is designed to give you the knowledge, skill and precision required to develop from recreational skier to professional ski instructor and to support continued professional development for BASI level 1 members.

The Program consists of 134 hours with your own team coaches, plus 70 hours of ski school experience with the BASS teaching team. In addition, you will need to be available for structured practice sessions with your team which, are designed to help you consolidate learning between coaching sessions.

The Pro 2 Program is modular and can include the BASI Level 1 and 2 courses as separate modules.

The program can be tailored to your needs and many team members have joined us simply to improve their own skiing without taking BASI courses or have opted to take the BASI level 1 course later in the season.


Date Event Detail
11 & 12 Dec 2019 First Aid Course 2 x 6 hours
14 -17 Dec 2019 Training 4 x 5 hrs coaching
18 – 22 Dec 2019 BASI Level 1 Course

Weds – Sun

Xmas 23 – 27 Dec 2019

Training & Shadowing 2 x 3 hrs coaching
New Year 30 Dec – 3 Jan Shadowing
6 – 10 Jan 2020 Training  5 x 4 hrs coaching
13 – 17 Jan 2020 Training & Shadowing

1 x 3 hr, 1 x 4 hr coaching

20 – 24 Jan 2020


5 x 4 hrs coaching

27 – 31 Jan 2020

Training & Shadowing

1 x 3 hr, 1 x 4 hr coaching

3 – 7 Feb 2020 Training & Shadowing

1 x 3 hr, 1 x 4 hr coaching

10 – 14 & 17 – 21 Feb 2020


24 – 28 Feb 2020

Training & Shadowing  1 x 3 hr, 1 x 4 hr coaching

2 – 6 March 2020

Training 5 x 4 hrs coaching

9 – 13 March 2020


5 x 4 hrs coaching

16 – 27 March 2020 BASI Level 2 Course 2 x Monday to Friday
Included in BASS Pro 2 Program – £2,695
134 hours coaching with your own BASS coaches
70 hours ski school experience (35hrs required for BASI L1 & 35hrs required for BASI L2)
60 hours structured practice with your team
Video review sessions
Off-piste and avalanche equipment training day
Bi-weekly action plan check in with your mentor

The course calendar above shows the training hours with your BASS coach. You will need to be available for an additional 70 hours of ski school experience, shadowing our BASS team of instructors plus a minimum of 60 hours of structured practice with your team.

Additional Modules
BASI Level 1 course £435.00 + BASI associate membership £55.00
BASI Level 2 course £670.00 + Upgrade to Full BASI Member
Outdoor First Aid course – £125.00 (required to complete basi level 1)
Safeguarding children online module – £25 (required to complete basi level 1)

A few optional extras to add more highlights to your season…

Optional Extras
Equipment Pro Deal – Volkl, Marker, Dalbello
 Introduction to BASI level 3
Introduction to 2nd discipline required for BASI level 3
Off-Piste adventure with helicopter pick up

Good to Know

You must be aged 18 yrs or older to join the BASS Pro team. We appreciate that our students are independent adults so we don’t provide travel, accommodation or pastoral care. This gives you the freedom to make a plan that suits your budget and family needs.

Not sure you’re ready to become a pro? Check here to see the basi level 1 course pre-requisites and more about the qualification pathway.

For those of you aged 26 and under, your season pass will could just €380 this winter. You must buy your pass online before 30th November, they’ll be available from the beginning of August on the PDS website.


The Pro 2 Program is limited to just 8 places so drop us a line if you’d like to know more about becoming a ski instructor.

We look forward to welcoming you to the team.



Not able to commit to a full season in the Alps?

No problem, we have a solution for you with Flexi Pro and Target Camps.


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