Become a Ski Instructor

The UK has a very accessible pathway to becoming a ski instructor. BASI, the British Association of Snowsport Instructors provides 4 levels of qualification.

The BASI Level 1 is the entry level course and is suitable for recreational skiers who are able to ski parallel turns with coordinated pole plant on all pisted slopes, you must be able to maintain a constant speed in short turns on red steepness slopes and it is recommended that you have at least 16 weeks of ski experience.

The next step is BASI level 2 which focusses on more precision and a deeper understanding of the beginner progression as well as skiing in more challenging environments.

It is important to appreciate that skiing recreationally is very different to the skill and precision required by a ski instructor to illustrate specific points to their clients. There is a significant amount of training and practice time required to become the disciplined and technically accurate ski instructor who has a depth of understanding and ability to develop performance to gaining your BASI Level 2 Alpine Ski Instructor Licence.

BASS has an option whatever your level of experience to help you reach your personal goals.

BASS Pro 2

A modular programme to support your entry into the BASI qualification pathway and continued professional development for BASI level 1 members.


Flexi pro

Part-time training for those with limited time in the Alps. A variety of options to suit, whether you are aiming for BASI level 1 or preparing to take the BASI level 2 assessment course.


Target Camps

Bring your own group, pick a date and have a course designed for you.